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Divorce Party Song List

Divorce Party Music: 10 Perfect Songs for a Divorce Party
Your Divorce Party Should Be Fun and the Music Should Match It!

No one says divorce is easy, but for some, getting a divorce is a very good thing. If you or your friends find yourself in the position of recently divorced and you view it as a new found freedom, you may choose to have a divorce party to celebrate. Divorce parties are more and more common and no party is complete without the appropriate music. Here are my choices for 10 great songsto play at your divorce party, assuming you don't want depressing music!

10 Divorce Party Songs
1. Scandal - "Goodbye to You". Go old school to celebrate your divorce with this 80s hit by Scandal. "Goodbye baby, so long darling, goodbye to you!"

2. Bon Jovi - "You Give Love a Bad Name". Did your Ex give love a bad name? Well crank this perfect song up and sing along at your divorce party.

3. Ce Lo Green - "F**K You (Forget You)". This newer song seems to resonate with everyone who has been dumped or made to feel like they weren't good enough for someone. Saying "F-U" at your divorce party may just make you feel better, plus the song is really catchy! There is a clean version of this perfect divorce party song in case you want to tone it down.

4. Sara Bareilles - "King of Anything". Ms. Bareilles speaks for a lot of women when she sings, "Who cares if you disagree? You are not me. Who made you king of anything?" I recently attended a divorce party where this song was the central theme of the party. It's perfect divorce music for the woman who finally puts herself first.

5. Lady GaGa - "Bad Romance". Any song by Lady GaGa is guaranteed to have a great beat and lyrics. If you just got out of your bad romance, this is a must have song on your divorce party playlist.

6. Christina Aguilera - "Fighter". In this song, Christina sings about all the lies and backstabbing she dealt with that ultimately made her stronger and made her a fighter. If you had to be a fighter to get through your divorce, then this song should be played at your party!

7. Kanye West - "Stronger". Kanye says, "That don't kill me will only make me stronger". It's a great way to look at divorce and it's a fitting song for your divorce party.

8. Pink - "So What". "I think I just lost my husband, I don't know where he went. So I'm going to drink my money, I'm not gonna pay his rent!" This is a female divorcee's perfect divorce party song. So what, you're still a rock star!

9. Elton John - "I'm Still Standing". The fact that you are having a divorce party proves that you are in fact, still standing. Add this tune to your divorce party song list and keep your head up.

10. Taio Cruz - "Dynamite". Have some fun at your divorce party, that's what a party is for! Throw your hands up in the air and just let go. "Dynamite" says to celebrate and live your life; good advice from a perfect song for a divorce party.

Divorce is rarely fun, but a divorce party can be! The right music creates the perfect mood for your divorce party. Throw in a divorce cake and you're set!

Source: Author's opinion, lyrics.com

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