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Music is our business and for that reason it is important to always be ahead of the curve when it comes to technology in the music industry.

We carry nothing but the best equipment. We use brands like Yorkville, Numark and Mainstream Music. These brands represent quality as does Absolute DJS. We use Macintosh laptops with virtual DJ software. Virtual DJ is a top of the line software product that gives us the ability to apply advanced DJ techniques in mixing, audio and visual where needed. It also can be used as a dual mixer for the smaller events. No matter how big or how small the event, we have the equipment to suit your needs.

Our music is all digital but we also carry all music on CD. For peace of mind, because technology is scary sometimes, we bring to all events our vast CD collection as backup along with a dual CD mixer.

All our laptops are loaded with over 40,000 songs and have the ability to link with the internet. We believe in having the best and always staying on top of what is new. You pay good money for our service and in return we promise not to let you down.

When you call and we arrange your first consultation with us, we will bring you pictures of our equipment and show you a live demo of virtual DJ.

Mark Vanderende
Owner Operator/Sales and Marketing

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Aisle Walk Magazine - Best of 2010 in the Music Entertainment Category

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Absolute DJS - The Team
DeeJay Absolute - Owner Operator/Sales and Marketing

At Absolute Entertainment Ltd. we take entertaining seriously. Learning how to grow and create a truly unique and successful entertainment company is what has driven us. The technology may change within Absolute Entertainment Ltd., but there our three things that won’t: OUR REPUTATION, OUR PEOPLE, and OUR CORE VALUES.

We love what we do and feel lucky to be part of such an inspiring industry of amazing entrepreneurs and entertainers. Thank you for considering Absolute Entertainment Ltd. and hope you find this website helpful and informative. We wish you all the best in your planning, and hope to hear from you soon.

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