Tuesday, October 10, 2017

What you can expect with all Holiday DJ Packages?

What you can expect with all
Holiday DJ Packages?

  • Get to know your Holiday DJ before and after you book.
  • Unlimited communication and consultations throughout.
  • Energizing and engaging a dance floor with professional skill and an extensive knowledge in all genres of music.
  • Your Absolute DJ will know “What to Play”“When to play”, and “How to Play” the music.
    All guests will have an equally amazing time no matter what the diversity of your group is.

  • Custom Clear Sound clearly all those special announcements. – Your sound system will be designed with your floor plan in mind and your guests enjoyment. Everyone will be able to hear clearly all those special announcements. Then have it kicked up a notch with DeeJay Absolute's signature "Party Blast" Late Night Party!
  • Each package includes a Wireless and a Line Mic and unlimited music library.
  • Custom Dance Floor Lighting – 3 Led effects that matches your theme and vision.
  • Professional DJ Gear – That is properly set up to look flawless (No wires showing and proper tape when needed.).
  • A full back up system and wireless system available should power become an issue.

Sound System and Lighting Production Upgrades may be necessary depending on size of ballroom and if guests exceed 150.

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